Red Rocking Horse

Red Rocking Horse

The Moover Toy Rocking Horse is sure to become a little one’s favourite toy!

It will teach them to rock by experiencing how a repeated body movement is transformed to the rocking movements of the horse.  With the Moover Toys’ special “brake curve”, safety is also a priority, ensuring that the horse does not rock too high.

The unique seat is designed to ensure that the child sits securely and is protected.  This results in a safe position during the rocking and prevents the child from touching the floor.

All Moover Toys are crafted from sustainable sources with today’s environmentally conscious parent in mind.  It is flat packed and can be assembled easily and quickly with a unique “click key system” without the use of any tools.  This feature makes this product easy to take apart and “travel” with you.

Suitable for ages 1 to 3.

Height: 24.75cm

Width: 41.90cm

Materials: Linden wood and Bass wood